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Prices differ from house to house and are also a function of season and occupancy (number of guests occupying the house). Refer to the tables on each individual home page, according to your vacation dates and family / group number. If no table is available, contact us.

The "star" system is a subjective measure we use at GV4R as to the "feeling of the house", uniqueness of the property, our estimate of the probability it will provide you with a memorable stay, has refined aesthetics, fosters a "homey" feeling, and provides a high level of comfort and service. The combination of these qualitative parameters gives properties more or less stars and, yes, there is a correlation of more stars = higher price (usually but not always), as more expensive properties tend to be more ... unique. In no case is our star system associated with the known hotel or guest house star/key system used internationally or by the Greek Tourism Organization.

The answer is usually "no" simply because what we rent is not commercial properties but private houses. Send us your request and we will reply to you within a week if something is found to be available. There are houses that are not on our site or we do not advertise.

The homes we rent are private so, unlike commercial for-rent villas you find on most sites, house owners -some times- pull them out of the market for a season or more for personal use.

GV4R prices are non-negotiable. If you find a certain house to be too expensive for your budget, either choose a season -for the same property- that is not high or premium or, find in the same location a thriftier property. Dsicounts are rare in high season and usually those apply for stays of over 21 days.

No, we accept only bank wire transfers to our corporate account.

The price includes the rental fee, the utilities (water, electricity) -though restrictions to water consumption and additional fees may apply in certain water deprived areas- linens & towels (not beach or pool), cleaning at the level or frequency described (see Question 10 also), a welcome person that will lead you and show you around the house, a welcome basket in many cases, pool & garden maintenance (where applicable), our 24-hour support in case you have any questions/problems during your vacation.

The price does not include: transfers from or to the house, food, water or beverages, extra services (unless specifically mentioned), phone calls, internet services, laundry (unless done by yourself), heating or air conditioning bills if so mentioned (where applies and is excluded).

  • Confirm availability of inquiry (dates) with us
  • Confirm your interest in writing you want the house
  • 5 working days to pay booking deposit (40%) or booking is cancelled
  • up to 60 days before arrival, right to cancel reservation w/o penalty
  • after 60 days, for every 5 working days, 25% of deposit is withheld from now on in case of cancellation
  • 30 days before arrival rest of rental fee (60%) + damage deposit is due. If not received, reservation is cancelled and deposit forfeited
  • 15 days after departure return of security damage deposit

Price paid is a function of season and occupancy, therefore you have to read correctly the tables. Some times, rarely, prices do change (even to your benefit!-promotions, last minute deals!) mid-season. If the price for the house is not tabulated by season OR it says "starting at...", please check with us

These are terms we use at GV4R to describe the level of support of the house:

  • self-catered: you are required to do part of the maintenance and cleaning of the house. A maid will come at least twice a week to do the bigger stuff, change sheet and/or towels. Self-catered houses are cheaper than fully-supported ones. You can have daily cleaning at self-catered at an extra charge at a pre-agreed cost
  • fully-supported: you will have one or more internal helpers-cooks or an external maid on a daily basis.

Your vacation home will be delivered to you spotlessly clean. You are expected to hand it over in the same way

Unfortunately not! Your leasing agreement is STRICTLY for the number of people stated in its beginning. Inviting guests without notifying us will lead to the immediate termination of your contract without refund. If you want to put up some friends, the way to do it is to notify us and pay the surcharge applicable for their night(s)of stay, if that is an option at the property you are staying. However, keep in mind, owners retain the right to refuse extra guests even if the capacity allows.

Our leasing Agreement is what is described in our Terms page on our site. Once you send your booking deposit in, we automatically assume you directly agree with these Terms. Please READ THEM!

No, all of our homes supply guests with linens & towels. You have to bring your beach or pool towel though

Yes you can if the property says "pets allowed :)". You DO need though house owner prior approval. Let us know the type and size of your pet friend and we will confirm he/she can come with you. Do not show up with your pet without letting us know! There is no extra charge for pets but you have to supply their needs (food, water & food bowls, bed) A word of caution: the animal has to stay at all times under your control and supervision. It cannot leave the boundaries of the property as it may be in danger, in which case, we assume no responsibility. In most cases you cannot take a dog to a public beach in Greece, moreover have it swim in the sea when other bathers are present. If you find a secluded beach, that is ok. Also, you cannot let them run after sheep, goats, chicken or other farm animals. Dogs and cats must have the well known vaccination EU passport to travel to Greece.

Depending on the property and its location, we do provide a number of supplementary services, including the issue of ferry boat tickets, car rental, boat rental, tours, on-site massage, etc. All such services have to be arranged, booked and paid in advance. Please inquire.

Minimum rental period for the high and premium seasons is 7 nights and for the mid season 5 nights. Rarely, two or three day rentals may be available for specific dates, where the property has rental gaps. Please inquire

The security or damage deposit is an amount you pay, on top of the rental fee to cover possible damages to the property. The fee is from 10-20% of the total rental fee, we will let you know the amount with your booking confirmation. The deposit is paid with your final payment before your arrival. After your departure, the house is inspected. If no damage is found, the deposit is returned to your account within 15 days from your departure. If damage is found, it is assessed and the equivalent amount is taken out of the security deposit to repair/replace the objects damaged. Minor damages considered normal tear and wear are not charged. The balance -if there is one- wil be returned to you. The security deposit is also used to finance extra expenses such as extra services or changes in occupancy.

Word of caution: your liability to damage is NOT limited to the amount of the security deposit. If the damage exceeds the deposit, you will be called to cover the full amount of the damage .

It is possible to cancel you reservation without penalty, if that is done 60 days before your arrival. If you do it after, you can still cancel but will pay a fee according to our Cancellation Policy

For your booking, to register your rental, we will need your full name, full address, phone number, cell number so that your welcome party can find you, passport or EU ID number, e -mail and a bank account (name of bank, account IBAN form, bank's BIC) to return your security deposit.

Not only are we are a small, highly specialized agency offering private homes, houses we have seen, owners we do know that will offer you their best but we also we are villa owners ourselves, having succesfully operated our own villas for 8 years now with many happy guest-friends by now- behind us.

That combination is unique as we and our partners have accumulated the experience to foresee problems -as much as that can be done- that would otherwise spoil your vacation. Most of them you will not find at any other agency.

This makes it very unique to be able to enjoy a real home that your friend, and co-worker and relative or the masses may not visit any time soon. With a high sense of professionalism and simultaneously with the warmth of an old friend, we offer custom services, tailored to YOUR needs and to YOUR pocket, readily going the extra mile to make your vacation in Greece as trouble-free as possible.

You can arrive any time that is arranged for your welcome party to meet you. A few houses have restrictions as to Saturdy arrivals and departures, but these are exceptions, most of our properties allowing you to commence your vacation any day of the week. However, whether you arrive early or late, the charge for the day is the same, rental day commencing at 11 am.

Departure should be arranged before 11 am on the day of your departure. By that time you have to have left the house, taken your belongings out and handed over the key. In the case of late departures, if that is agreeable (no other guest is coming in that day), charges are as follows: departure between 11 am -5pm charge is 1/2 day at list price, departure after 5 pm charge is full day at list price.

In all cases you have to notify us in advance of your late departure

Somebody will meet you (usually the owner) to take you to the house. We will ask you to provide us with your arrival details and cell number (if available) to make sure that this rendez-vous happens. Transfers (luggage or guest) to or from the property are not included, though our welome party may give you a first ride to the house if you do not have transportation means

We will let you know where to leave the keys. Most times somebody will greet you out and take the keys

At GV4R we use the following terms to describe the proximity to the water:

  • beach-front: the property is ON the beach, less than 50 meters from the water. Property may have access to own secluded beach or not. Usually no other building interferes with your view of the water and certainly you do not need a car to get to the beach; you can walk.
  • sea-front: the property is close to the sea (50-400 meters). You have an unobstructed sea view but may need a car for a short ride to get to the closest beach
  • sea-view: the property has an unobtructed view of the sea. Buildings or landscaping may interfere with your view. It is further away (1-5km) and you definitley need a car to get to a beach.

Greek law does not provide for "private" beaches. All beaches are public proeprty and visitors have equal rights to their access by sea or land. Some may have "restricted access" due to land proprietorship behind them but the beach itself belongs to the PEOPLE!

Most houses come with a clothes washer. In a fully supported house the maid may be able to do your laundry for a small extra fee that invloves the ironing.

Most islands in Greece face an acute water shortage in the summer. Please do not rely on doing daily laundry for your clothing needs. Bring enugh clothes to last you and most of all your children for at least a week.

On most Greek islands you have to buy bottled water to drink. You can use the tap water to cook, wash, brush teeth, do laundry. Bottled water is not included in the house price, though sometimes as a courtesy, it is provided by the owners

Breakfast is not included in our properties unless specifically stated. In fully supported houses, the maid will prepare the breakfast you shop, the time you want

Supplies you will find at most island super or mini markets. However, if you have special dietary needs due to religious or medical conditions, you may consider bringing food from your home

All houses are non-smoking inside. Please make a conscientious effort to smoke ONLY outside and be careful to extinguish cigarettes meticulously. Forest fires in Greece under very arid conditions are a nightmare.

Pools can be completely private or shared, salt water or fresh water. that is described in the detailed house description. House pools do not have life guards so you should be alert to the safety of both yourself or your children playing around or in it. In NO case does GV4R assume any responsibility for injury or death associated with pool use. By signing a contract with GV4R, it is mutually agreed that pool use, private or public, is done at your own responsibility.

With your booking confirmation, we will send you a number where you can reach us 24/24 if any problem arises

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