Glossary of Terms

Some terms we use in this site may not be evident, so this Glossary attempts to explain them

More Search Option: our site uses a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to view and narrow down your dream home choice according to many parameters: e.g. if you are looking for a house for 8 people with a pool, go into MORE SEARCH OPTIONS, click 4 BEDROOMS, then POOL "YES" and then SEARCH. Al the houses that fit these criteria will come up. Similarly you can view houses with Air-Conditioning, that Accept Pets, that are On the Water (Beachfront), etc. For your convenience we have included as QUICK SEARCHES on the footer of the page include some of the most popular searches. SLIDERS: slide to show the range you want to set eg if oyu want from 1-700 EUR per day, select 1-200 to 651-700 to see all possible choices BEWARE though: the more criteria you put the less you will come up with but even if that ONE house suits your needs, the job is done. Just hit BOOK NOW!

Customer Service/Ask our Experts: There are 2 ways you can book a villa at, either by using our site and its search options and inquire directly FREE OF CHARGE, for price and availability OR contact our Customer Service where a small CHARGE applies for this service, depending on the level of your vacation cost (bookings under 3500 EUR)

Ease of Access: it gives you a measure of how easy it is a reach a home: Easy, home is next to road, near port or highway, may entail small travel from port or airport to reach it by private car, motorbike or taxi, Two steps further means that you may have to rent your own car, or travel a longer way on paved or a partially unpaved but good road to reach the house, it also applies to houses on islands where you have to use multiple means to get there (car, boat, rail), Challenging-Must travel means that the road or part of the road that leads to the house requires a 4X4 but the road is drivable or that you have to take 2-3 transport means connections to arrive to the remote location / island. The trip may be the motive though and probably once there, you will be alone!

Elite Collection: A portfolio of unique, luxurious private homes for the discerning traveller who needs custom solutions to their vacation needs. Dream houses where you can pamper yourself to a wonderful vacation. Many we promote exclusively. Elite Villas start at EUR 1300 per day or above

Option: a temporary booking we keep for 48 hours for guests to decide if they want a house. You can ask us to put an option on the house for specific dates BUT if in 48 hours you do not confirm by writing or call, then the booking self-cancels. After confirming, a booking deposit is expected within 5 working days and a new option goes into effect.

Pets: we indicate which houses will accept pets. Permission required means that it will accept only certain kinds and sizes. In any case, you have to have prior consent from us (and the owner) that you can bring along your pet with you, dog, cat or other! Some villas will charge a small fee for your pet (see Extra Charges). Many will increase the Damage Deposit if your four legged friends comes with you

Position: again this refers to the distance form a swimmable beach. We categorize the houses in 3 tiers: Beachfront means that you are less than 50 meters form the beach, ON the water, within easily walkable distance from the sea, Seaside means that you are close to the water, up to 500 meters form the beach, it is a bit of a walk to reach the beach but you can make it on foot or it is a very short car/bicycle ride, Seaview houses are more than 500 meters from the beach, they still have a view of the sea but you have to absolutely use a car to get to the beach. Also in this category we place houses that may be on the coastline but there are rocks in front of them and a swimmable beach is inaccessible unless you take a car. Prices decline sharply from the Beachfront to Seaview categories, so if you you what to save money, you may look into a Seaview or Seaside house instead of a Beachfront.

Prices: prices are defined by season and occupancy, of course a house in very high season will be more expensive than in lowor mid season. Children of all ages over 1 year count as persons occupying the house. Prices do not include VAT 19-23% on agency fee and house services (cleaning, pool maintenance, other).

Price Category: this index allows you to plan your vacation and narrow down your search in our site database, it gives you a bracket of houses you can look at, given a certain daily budget at very high season. If you are looking at other seasons, this is still a good guide as your overall price will be less! This does NOT reflect the range of prices the specific villa is sold but rather a "pool" of similar villas within the same price range you may consider. The price of the specific villa is within this range at full occupancy at high season. So for example if  a 5 bedroom villa is at EUR 880 for 10 people in August, you see it classified as 750-1000 EUR per day.

Price per person per day: this agian is an index to plan your budget. It expresses the category the villa fall in if we divide the max price in high season by the max occupancy allowed. Obviously if you are fewer than the max occupancy, the per person cost will increase

Special Offers: Houses that are temporarily discounted in one way or another or are great value for money; these change rapidly, if you see one you like, take it!

Sleeps: The maximum number of guests -including children all ages- the owners will allow with extra beds of all kinds. Some houses will charge extra for these guests, please visit the RATES & AVAILABILITY TAB/EXTRA CHARGES

Service Levels: Refers to house cleaning and three levels are offered: None where you have to do all the cleaning of the house, Self-catered where cleaning is provided 2 or 3 times per week or Full where there is daily service, either external or internal. Self catered houses normally offer daily service if you need it, at extra charge

Star Rating: Our rating is not to be confused with any official star system describing hotels or villas internationally, it is our own internal measure reflection a number of "soul" factors about the house, the price quality ratio of the place being an important one. Thus, we can see very simple places with many stars and very luxurious villas with 2 or 3 stars, due to what we believe high price usually, thus affecting the price quality ratio. In short, it is a way to measure whether this house has a positive value for money "soul factor

Tranquility: is more or less self explanatory, it starts from For Socialites on Vacation which means that you are bound to have neighbors you see daily, like it or not, to Run Around Naked which means that you are all alone in a private villa where nobody sees you. Prices usually go accordingly.

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