How do I proceed?

The vacation homes we are seeking may be on mainland Greece or on one of the famous Greek islands (Aegean, Ionian, Dodecanese, Cretan, Karpathean). We do not feature rural apartments, unless these are beachfront and have a separate entrance.

Please contact us and send relevant material only during the Oct-Feb period about your property. During other months we do not process new entries unless we have specific requests. Homes that fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • are autonomous, free standing villas/houses
  • are close to the sea/beach (within 10 km distance) AND/OR have an unobstructed sea view
  • are complete and are fully furnished with taste, style and quality furnishings
  • provide guests with electricity, water, housekeeping, linen & towels
  • has a valid AMA/MHTE/EOT license number
  • hotels, apartments and studios rooms for rent are NOT eligible. Villas in complexes or in hotels are welcome only if they have independent entrance and living areas
  • we do not feature urban apartments

For an initial appraisal of the quality and value of your property we will need to receive first some pictures and a very brief description. We do not promote all properties we receive for review.

To proceed to promote your properties, we will then need:

  1. Your signed Agreement to our Terms of Collaboration by fax or scanned (download)
  2. Detailed descriptions of the villa in English, one for each property, if different in size and equipment (download attached pdf form)
  3. photos, 24-36, horizontal, high quality, preferably professional, 2000 pixels across minimum (via dropbox, wetransfer, google drive, etc)
  4. a brief description of the villa in English, a virtual tour, top features included
  5. f you are managers and not owners, we need some written proof of such an authorisation (contract of sublease or other), including the signature o the real owner and statement to which bank account rental money will go to (Bank, Account Name, IBAN, BIC) )
  6. official retail price list for the whole year, gross (retail, customer rate as appears in all platforms where featured)

As soon as we receive all of the above at, we will process the file. Villas will be reviewed in order of reception. If you have sent material in the past and you are not published, you have to send anew.

Our advertising fee is based on actual bookings and the first entry to our platform is FREE. If subsequently you decide to suspend or delete your property, to re-enter a processing fee of 125 EUR applies.


As of September 2018 and by Law 4446/2016, short term rental owners are required by Greek Law to obtain a registration number for their properties (AMA) in the Tax registry Public Revenue system (AADE). Our platform is an international advertising vehicle and though we do not fall under Law 4446/2016 concerning long term rentals as owners sign the rental agreement directly with the guest, we will ask for your AMA/MHTE and display it.

Owners, foreign or Greek, are required by same Law to declare relative incomes to the Greek Tax Authorities via the same platform and observe maximum cumulative days of rental as described in the Law (60 or 90). GV4R is not responsible to declare your income or will not disclose any information about it unless illegal activity has been proven to take place at the premises of your property or it is asked by an official Court Order.

Note finally that Greek Law dictates that if ANY services (cleaning, meals, chefs, etc) are offered within the accommodation, it is considered a commercial activity susceptible to VAT and by Law this activity has to be done in a framework of a legal entity. Be warned that failure to comply any of the above can lead to significant fines to owners and in no way is our platform liable