Our Concierge Recommends

Our Mykonos Concierge, a Mykonian born and raised, recommends for 2 exciting days in Mykonos:

Day 1


Start your day off with a good breakfast at your hotel. In most hotels breakfast is served until


Visit Kalo Livadi beach and enjoy its marvelous waters.

Relax at its enormous sun beds and enjoy a nice coffee with a brioche sandwich or even champaign with grapes and strawberries. You can also do water sports.

Do not miss on buying a tunic from the wandering sellers. You will immediately feel in trend and in tune with the relaxed atmosphere of the island.


Have a delicious lunch at the Solymar restaurant, situated on the beach. It has really good music, so good it will get you off your feet, dancing barefoot on the sand.

If you wish after the beach to eat something special, you can head to Ornos and eat lobster pasta at Apagio, beneath the Resort Santa Marina. It is worth a while. Lefteris Sikiniotis will surprise you with his excellent tastes.


Visit Ano Mera. There you will find the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani that is worth seeing.


Loose yourselves to the beauties of the town (chora). Don't miss the church of Paraportiani, typical example of the myconian architecture. Take a photo underneath the windmills, a symbol of the island.

Go up and down the stairs of Alefkandra.

Visit the nautical museum.

Enjoy the amazing sunset in Caprice Bar in the seafront of Little Venice.

Try the "mostra" dish, which contains dry bread with kopanisti cheese, with the pelicans surrounding you, the other symbol of the island.


Reserve a table at Interni for a nice meal or just to enjoy a bottle of wine in an excellent surrounding. Amazing upper-class music style.


Try going to the Blu-blu café-restaurant at the old harbor; its Greek music and its spirit lifts everyone up. The view of the lit up chora is breathtaking.

Day 2


The variety of the breakfast at Kazarma restaurant will amaze you. At that time you will also have the opportunity to see old ladies walking around accompanied by their donkeys, selling fruits and flowers to tourists.


Trip with Stavros' rib to the pristine beaches of Delos and private, truly interesting, guided tour of the ancient town.

Stavros will offer cold beer and then you can visit the museum. The entrance fee is 5€.


The trip with the rib continues. Enjoy a swim in one of the amazing beaches. Stavros will dive and collect sea urchins and shellfish, that you will then savor on the beach with some ouzo. They are served with lemon, locally made bread and myconian variety of appetizers.


Return to Mykonos for a lemon cocktail at the Kastro bar in small Venice and enjoy the sunset. The cocktails are brought on the rib in baskets hanging down with ropes from the bar's windows. A unique experience.


Wander around the narrow streets of chora. Lose track of time in the many small shops. Experience the glamorous market of the island! Shop! Here you can find the most famous brands in the world together with the most unique handmade clothes and jewelry. Taste a delicious crepe or an ice-cream flavored local spicy cheese of mascarpone type.


A tasty cocktail at Astra Bar in Tria Pigadia (Three Wells), at the heart of the chora, a benchmark for every person visiting the island. There you will always encounter famous actors, politicians and alternative persons from around the world.

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