20 places that you can see in Mykonos

1. Mykonos

The main city is called “Chora”. Wandering in its alleys evokes feelings of thrill and excitement. Cobbled streets, narrow whitewashed stairs with balconies, cube-built houses and steeples of countless chapels will definitely enchant visitors. Gialos, with cafes serving Ouzo by the sea in the old harbor, with boats sailing and pelicans entangled in the legs of passers-by, seems like a fairytale.

2. Paraportiani

One of the most widely recognized historical churches of Greece. A distinctive man-made architectural design coupled with the damages caused by time. It is a combination of five united church from the 14th century when there was a big castle in the region. The curved stone-stepped walls of Paraportiani have become an integral part of the construction of houses especially in terraces to protect them from the strong winds in the winter.

3. Windmills

Located in Alefkandra, these windmills overlooking the sea are widely known and undeniably impress every visitor. They are a major trademark of the island built in the 16th century and used to make nuts for sailors. A shot by the windmills at sunset is a must.

4. Little Venice

Located beneath the Windmills is a very beautiful and scenic spot on the island. It was built in the 18th century by the captains of that era. The houses are literally in the sea and the balconies are washed by the waves. Today, most bars can be found there, open all day long. The location is ideal for cocktails at sunset.

5. Baga

A sunny morning you are found in Gialos enjoying your breakfast…There, a marble construction dating back to 1930 full of fresh fish awaits every visitor. Next to it, under the tents,in the flea market, fresh fruits and vegetables are sold. At the same time, small donkeys with a hat for the sun, wander carrying flowers from the few private vegetable gardens of the island. Best sight there!

6. Municipal Gallery

In Matoyianni, the busiest road in the country, visitors can find the Local Art Gallery which hosts exhibitions of painting, sculptures and photography of Greek and foreign artists. What is more, while walking down the streets of the country visitors can encounter numerous galleries with private collections from known and unknown artists.

7. Museums

Greek Shipping has been widely known since ancestry… Consequently, the Maritime Museum in “Tria Pigadia” in the center of the “Chora” boasts various marine items used in earlier era.

The folklore museum near Navy clearly illustrates the history of the island through the local costumes and items used daily in earlier times.
The Archaeological museum in the entrance of the town is housed in a mansion with exhibits from the Cycladic pottery and Geometric period.

8. The Stone theater of Lakas

Open air theater where theatrical performances and events of Greek and foreign music are hosted. Visitors will be lucky if they have the chance to attend jazz festivals in the squares of Chora. Alternatively, attending such performances in Delos should not be missed as the opportunity to watch a play in such an archaeological site is a unique experience!

9.Cine Manto

A Summer cinema in the ideal place to enjoy a film, with a huge garden with trees, tables with comfortable chairs, fries and beer. In Cine Manto the latest films are shown.

10.Churches and Fairs

The island boasts more than 1000 churches most of which are built near private homes. Attending such a fair is an absolute must… an event that should not be missed under any circumstances. Each day, there is a celebration in a church. It starts on the eve of the afternoon until the next dawn. The church owner offers a wide variety of food and plenty of wine while live music is played. People just dance until dawn. In the end, coffee and pastries are served. Everyone has to experience this! Live the unique Mykonian atmosphere!

However, monasteries also worth a visit.

11.Monastery of Virgin Mary Tourliani

Founded in 1542, this massive monastery is located in the village of Ano Mera and it is characterised by its triple bell tower. Inside, there is an impressive wooden temple built in Florence in the 18th century and all visitors experience absolute peace. Today, official Christian ceremonies and marriages are conducted.


A Small and picturesque Monastery near the village of Ano Mera, located in an ancient settlement where once stood medieval castles. Built in the 18th century in local architecture, its main characteristic is the great 3 meter high pigeon house.

13. Agios Panteleimon Monastery

This unique monastery is housed in a 16th century Castle in Marathi, on the way to Panormos Beach. It belongs to several local families and has important frescos .No one should miss a visit on the 27th July when there is a main celebration and it is decorated with countless flowers.

14.Agios Iakovos

After Panormos beach, the small chapel of St. Iakovos provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy a view of the island as it was before… Untouched from tourist development. Hanging from the rocks, this monastery invites visitors to enjoy the Mykonian architecture and stunning scenery.

15. Prophet Elias Vorniotis

This small chapel is located on the highest point of the island. There are pictures and paintings full of wishes . The walking route from Lake Marathias is well worth a visit as it provides the opportunity to view local people’s life.


It only takes 15 minutes by boat from the small port of Yialos to find yourself in the widely known Delos site, an important religious centre of antiquity. It is believed that there, the god of beauty Apollo was born. Mykonos is definitely an island fraught with archaeological monuments. Don’t forget to walk barefoot on the path of Lions, the ancient gymnasium, and theater so as to absorb all the energy of that era, when Delos was the center of the world. Make sure you get photographed under the lions guarding the town and visit the museum which houses ancient findings. Finally relax in the café next to the museum and enjoy sandwiches and beer.

17.Faros Armenistis

The oldest lighthouse on the island is found on the north. Unfortunately, despite standing proud, Armenistis is an abandoned lighthouse. It was built in 1891 to illuminate the ships so as not to fall off the rocks. The views are incredible from this point. The eye is simply lost to the neighboring islands of Tinos and Syros .When the weather allows, from the lighthouse, the visitors can gaze and enjoy the Cyclades. Up there in the wild cliffs, thought is cultivated and the soul is nourished by the natural beauty of the landscape!

18.Limnes. Fragma Marathias

Aimed at tackling water shortages on the island for centuries, creating a new oasis in the most barren island in Greece posed an efficient solution. A huge lake ideal for cycling or walking pops up in the middle of Mykonos, full of birds and bushy trees all make it a unique destination.

19. Ano Mera Dam

At the back of the island, 10 km from the city, in view of the water shortage, the nearby villages created a huge river, which runs from the lake near the Maou district and ends at the Fokos beach. The clear waters that run between stones, flying birds and the sweet breeze which cools to make you feel close to nature, make everyone feel free.

20.Popi’s farm

Near the lake of Marathias, Popi’s farm includes many animals, workshops and local products. It is known for its Kopanisti Cheese, which is not commercially available elsewhere. It absolutely worths a visit. Do not forget to taste local sausages and cheeses, visit the nut shop surrounded by roses, and buy authentic handmade products at very low prices.

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