The road network is good for several beaches, but for the most remote areas of the island there are “flying” boats or even better special sailing boats organizing excursions around the island.

Paradise and Super Paradise

Truly heavenly beaches, emerald waters and golden sand. Definitely two of the most famous in Mykonos. Youngsters and VIPs from around the world squeeze in to experience the frenetic 24-hour clubbing on the hot sand under the sun; eccentricity is at its best and visitors can feel the pulse of the island. It is always flooded with people, lost in overly loud music… but this is its charm!

Agios Ioannis beach and Ag. Stefanos beach

Mostly family designated with affordable beach facilities and restaurants. Perfectly organized beaches with many boutique hotels overlooking the West, towards Delos, and spectacular sunsets make this place unique.

Lia and Agrari

Anyone swimming in the cool waters of the sand bays will not regret having taken a long time to get there. Ideal for a few, cool and discreet holiday makers. Hot water above the waist and cool feet. Experience the game with the waves and get lost in the deep blue sea while enjoying the sweet touch of the wind.

Ftelia and Kalafatis

Ftelia and Kalafatis are beaches that are ideal for windsurfers. Ftelia beach faces the north and thus has large waves and a constant breeze. It is charming, not so much for swimming but for its collection of broken coral, stones and sculptures and from the endless beating of the waves washed away by the sea. Nice restaurants tucked into the rocks serve delicious local dishes until late at night. The Kalafatis sandy beach is composed of many family hotels, and several shops with beach items specially for sports lovers.

Ag. Anna (Paragas) and Ag. Anna (Megalo Livadi)

Small but extremely tranquil! Easy access from the adjacent beaches on foot. Besides plenty of ouzo with delicious titbits, amazing Italian pizza can be found in Bandana.


An exceptionally cosmopolitan and captivating tropical beach, a must-see for every jet-setter and yacht owner. Wonderful sand, huge wooden sunbeds, Greek and Foreign modern music, upper class restaurants, impeccable yacht service, parties and events on a daily basis.

Kalo Livadi- Ornos- Elia

Popular and organized beaches particularly attractive to entrepreneurs and businessmen. Bar-rest with unique flavors, great wine collections, lively music, a vast array of water sports, beautiful waters and holiday makers in search of glamor.

Platis Gialos

Picturesque settlement with countless small and large hotels as well as numerous restaurants. The sandy, organized beach boasts beautiful and warm waters. From there, it is worthwhile to get a taxi-boat to the beaches at the back of the island.

Paraga - Panormos

Beaches with pure hippie-chic character. Paranga is fraught with lounge deckchairs and colorful cushions… Admittedly the cool waters, as well as lively dance music and cheerful mood will compensate every visitor. Alternatively, a pool-bar and water sports are waiting those seeking moments of action.

Panormos, at the northern end of the island, is not organized but has some design white sand cushions and umbrellas which will definitely engage bathers for several hours to enjoy the sun. The ever-cold clean sea, music, lounge atmosphere, in addition to delicious seafood and the strangest cocktails of the world will fascinate every visitor. The Full Moon parties are a ‘must’.

Its outrageous opulence aside, Mykonos also has private dining and enjoyable moments on isolated beaches.


Easy access by car and then after a brief walk on a secret path, the incredible turquoise waters of the small bay emerge. No waves, hot sand, peaceful atmosphere, beautiful sunset.

Ag. Sostis and Fokos

Completely different sensation. Not organized… ideal only for insiders. At Ag. Sostis, the scenery is breathtaking, golden sand, crystal clear waters and indescribably beautiful scene! 'Perched' on the rocks, under a single huge sea tree lay a few tables waiting for cold beer and grilled fish .

On the route to Fokos, travelers will view 5 kilometres of scenery before finally reaching a river in a completely dry landscape of red soil from the sun's reflection… described once as stuck mud, complete with splashing ducks and bird activity… just unique! At the end is a lake surrounded by rocks …and then Fokos emerges . A spectacular, breathtaking view. Turquoise waters, hot sun and sand full of broken shells. At the edge of it, an elegant tavern is found. An absolute must for demanding tourists.

Merhia, Mersini, Fragia and Tigani

Completely deserted! No houses, no hotels, no bar-restaurants. The wild beauty, the deep blue of the sea, the cliffs that arise around the erotic landscape carry Mykonos to a bygone era….Perhaps an age of innocence. The absolute tranquility takes visitors to a nostalgic journey through history, a history established before the map of world tourism. The route by boat enables visitors to feel all the sea breeze, enjoy the pristine beautiful beaches and dive deep as clusters of squid swim past !!!

Houlakia and Loulos

Unique beaches with pure white pebbles. Pebbles, ‘Diliana Mosaic’ as known today, from which homes in ancient Delos were built. It is nice to walk on the paths that the first tourists who discovered Mykonos walked. Tourists made it known to the world for its beauty, tolerance and aura.

Glyfadi and Small Glyfadi

Glyfadi and Small Glyfadi, located in the area of Aleomandra, boast virgin beaches, ideal for explorations and excursions. Strong winds, countless small rocks that emerge as rough emeralds from the sea, seabirds flying freely combined with the endless blue color surround you, making you think that they will touch the sky. Certainly the feeling is unprecedented.


Even further away ! Next to ancient Delos. 20 minutes accessible only by boat, the speedboat to find yourself in private small coves across Mykonos, swim freely where the God Apollo swam and live divine moments in a place where a fisherman may offer you sea urchins with fresh bread ouzo and watermelon. Beautiful picturesque places with unique atmosphere where the locals feel happy when visitors are happy!!!

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