More about Tinos


The image behind the port in Tinos Town "as locals call it Chora" hides an entire island town which the visitor discovers slowly walking in the alleys of the old city. Labyrinthine alleys, arcades, mansions neoclassical houses with strong signs of traditional architecture and old churches and mansions with large gardens with fruit and vegetables, ravines and fountains, paved by stone small streets and houses with coats of arms, generously give visitors an island city that hides lots of history. The old road which leading to the big church of Virgin Mary, a paved road with intense commercial activity. One can visit the textile school, the chapel of the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas, the Temple of Poseidon and Amphitrite in Kionia, the Museum of Tinian Artists and gallery space of the Holy Foundation of the Virgin, but also the diversity band whose hosts a permanent exhibition of Giannoulis Halepas. Finally the building –temple of the Virgin Mary that stands north of the city of Tinos island.


The interior of the island with forty-four (44) settlements - villages overlooking before the wild landscape of the island and sometimes the blue Aegean scattered throughout the island are extremely interesting. A walk in the streets will leave you speechless, as most retain original features traditional Cycladic so you can experience the true Cyclades, full of light blue colors and sun.


Finally Tinos has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean! Isolated absolute silence, cosmopolitan with beach bars and water sports for lots of fun, easily accessible and with a little adventure, pebbly, golden sand or rocks, leeward or wave, deep blue waters, mysterious depths, ready to satisfy every preference of the visitor.

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