Top Things to See & Do

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Sights Seeing

  1. Visit “Panaidaki” in Arnados village of Tinos, which functioned as an old secret school (today small church dug in the rock).
  2. Visit Volax village to see the famous wickerwork craftsmen and their baskets.
  3. Visit the Marble Museum of Tinos in Pyrgos village (unique in Greece) and the Giannoulis Halepas (famous sculptor) house which has been converted into a museum.
  4. Visiting the local cheese factory "San Lorentzo".
  5. Visit microbrewery Tinos (NISOS).
  6. Visit the Ursuline’s Old Catholic School in Loutra village of Tinos which now serves as a museum.
  7. Stop in Tarampados village to see the famous Pigeon houses, unique in Greece edifice. Also the windmills scattered all around the island.
  8. Ride by car to the lunar landscape in Volax village.
  9. The museums in Evangelistrias Church in Tinos town.
  10. The quarry in the area (villages) Mali and Koumelas villages, extraction point of the known green marble Tinos.


  1. Routes-paths (Tinos has the largest network of trails in the Cyclades. Result of the need to link 66 villages. Today it is inhabited 44 villages).
  2. BOOLDERING the natural slope of the village of Volax.
  3. School Surfing in Kolympithra bay.
  4. Climbing the granite hill of Exombourgo.
  5. Ride horses.
  6. Diving.
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