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  1. In Arnados village tavern "BEE" with amazing grilled and spit overlooking the Aegean k 'traditional cafe "of brown" with handmade pies.
  2. In Volax village (two classic taverns with very good value)
  3. "Two Villages" village (tavern with nice view good prices, cafe in the village square)
  4. In Kardianis bay "Dinos" (ouzo with appetizers on the beach)
  5. In Triadaros village "Kyra Eleni" (quaint tavern with local dishes)
  6. In Isternia bay (two (2) different excellent kitchens seafront)
  7. In Panormos "Marina" (tavern seafood in front of the sea)
  8. In Aetofolia village "Kunaria" (in the heart of the village with mountain views)
  9. In Crocus village "Kyra Leni" (traditional coffee)
  10. In Myrsini village (traditional grocery "Darmis" operating as a café with traditional local dishes)
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