Greek Villas 4 Rent.com and its mirrors www.GV4R.com or www.rentgreek.villas are the official web portals of the leading villa brokerage agency in the Eastern Mediterranean INTRAFAC LTD, an international tourism real estate developer and consultant based in Cyprus, specializing in developing, managing and promoting vacation houses or villas in Greece and Cyprus.

With nearly two decades of experience, the first to offer on-line vacation villas in Greece, our company features an extensive dynamically changing portfolio of 800+ private homes, from the simple to the luxurious (our Elite Collection) or one-of-a kind (Hidden Beauties) that will satisfy every budget and through strong alliances with local brokers, to a network of over 1000 villas, not all featured in our sites.

Unlike other on-line agencies that claim "Greek expertise", the Greek GV4R.com operations team, lives in Greece year-round, is native to the country, travels it and visits villas and destinations before you do. That is a major difference to our competitors' offer who tend to duplicate the same houses over the internet, our guests enjoying multiple advantages:

Fabulous, authentic, Greek homes, made with love and affection, a truly authentic experience. This experience is re-inforced by the genuine insider information you receivefrom our own on-site Concierge teams, by people who are actual locals to your destination! Hence you may gain access to unique locations, enjoy the advantage of having a quality vacation house of your own, plus have a unique custom vacation experience cut to to your needs and budget, in one stop!

At at GV4R.com, are proud to say that there is a property for every budget in our portfolio, from the economy whose business we respect and appreciate, to the extravagant. We ultimately seek to offer the real Greek philoxenia, famous since ancient times Greek hospitality honoring the guest, at any budget level.

From the first moment our friendly, knowledgeable professional staff at our Customer Support Desk will gie you personal attention and seek to find the optimal solution that fits your needs and budget.  At GV4R you get the boutique agency FIT service, on-line! We have rented villas for years, short-term rentals have been our business for 20+ years now. Unlike others who feature just the big commercial, beaten-track destinations, we choose to offer as much big villas and smaller more authentic homes , both in popular vacation spots, as in more recluse, less-travelled areas of Greece, for those seeking more tranquil, serene places to satisfy the “Ulysses" in them.

Many vacationers may choose to rent directly from owners or international faceless On-line -Travel-Agencies (OTAs eg Homeaway, Airbnb, Booking, etc), falsely believing they will save money on their rental. Using International OTAs may be true for minor savings at a first glance, no standards in place, many falsely presented and if there are no complications and the house and services are delivered as promised . For those -not infrequently- who may face issues (minor or major), our agency sets the standards & procedures, guaranteeing the quality and service delivery, being next to the guest at all times, also acting as intermediaries should issues with owners or maangers arise, to a rapid resolution and assurance of the obvious: a relaxing vacation. Our customer satisfied comments testify to that. Hence the question "book directly from OTA" or "book through GV4R.com" can be easily translated as "stranded in the middle of August with daily problems to resolve with the owner or OTA “help line” on hold, in the only 7 days a year you should be relaxing" or a "safe, issue-less vacation"? The answer is obvious.

Our motto Accommodation with a soul reflects very much that philosophy and core promise of our service. There are two souls to be accounted for here:

  1. the Owner's he has put into his property to painstakingly make it beautiful for our guest and
  2. our own soul, to find the property, prepare it for our guest and commit our Team to an honest proposal and an issue-less, seamless, memorable UNIQUE vacation in Greece!

We look forward to offering you a memorably relaxing time at one of our villas! Book with confidence!

The GV4R.com Team