Our Advisory Services

Many property owners are under the false impression that by entering the short-term rental market by putting an ad in Airbnb. Entering the short-term market is an entrepreneurial venture with its risks and rewards, like most other of the kind, ending up ultimately into major frustration for most or in far from optimised sales results at the end of the day if we account for taxes, operational costs and personal time spent.

Whether amateur with one property or professional manager of many or a real-estate fund investing in the constructing multiple units, with two decades of experience in short-term rentals in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greek Villas 4 Rent .com is one of the largest and oldest villa developers, managers and villa operators in Greece has the know-how and experience to lead you to the right decision and steer you away from icebergs.

Our experienced staff can provide you with advice in:

  • Market feasibility study (Is it worth for you to enter the market with your current holdings?)
  • Competitive Pricing (How much should I charge?)
  • Advertising & Promotion (Physical and E-channel Management)
  • Legal & Tax Advice (How and where do I declare incomes?)
  • Real Estate Development for Pros (where do I invest? in what?)
  • Architectural Consultation (what is the optimal design when building a short-term villa)
  • Funding (How do I finance my development?)
  • Operations & Staffing Setup & Management

For more information send your request to info@greekvillas4rent.com