Thematic Tours

Greek Cuisine needs no introduction: it already has its fan club who know that it is more than souvlaki, gyro and Greek salad with feta. New Greek gastronomy offers a diversity of fine Greek food with organic/bio materials or a fusion with other cuisines of the world, borrowing materials or techniques. Our local Concierges can point you in the right direction and make your booking, from the gourmet Michelin star, to the beachfront quintessential authentic Greek taverna.
Cook Courses
Many internationally acclaimed Greek Chefs offer courses, one may be near the villa where you re staying. Or you can make a point of attending the course and staying at one of our villas nearby so you can practice your skills in your own kitchen pronto!
Oenology (winery visits)
With a 3000 year history in wine making and many internationally renowned wineries and grape varieties, you do not need to be a pro to appreciate a good glass of wine in Greece. Whether you will simply visit the winery or get in the vat to get your feet wet to stomp on the grapes, we offer wine tours in wine making zones around Greece for all levels: from the simple to the connoisseur.
Walking Tours
Take your walking stick out! Whether for urban explorations to see graffiti or for nature escapes to spot Aegean ospreys, we offer many walking tours, from simple to strenuous, the best way to feel the energy of the place you are visiting.
Sports (water or other)
Need for adrenaline? Many land and water sports are available and packages may be organized.
In Greece you have it all: sunny skies, clear waters, and lots of sea to see! At select locations, we can arrange packages at preferential pricing for the novice to get basic certification (PADI) to the pro for wreck or cave diving. Note that certification packages require usually 5-7 days daily in and out of water training.
Whether from land, on a boat or in the sea, fishing is definitely not simply a past-time for many Greeks, a passion, a way-of-life. If you share the passion, you can have Greek fishing experience with local professional fishermen, show the techniques, share their boat and enjoy together a nice catch. Fish responsibly!
Greece with its mountains and slopes is an ideal training ground for both pro or vocational cyclist. Whether you envision a simple stroll or a full multiple-day event, we work with some of the most reliable bike touring companies that provide top equipment and years of know-how.
Greece has many beauties to hide, from the marked paths in the Cyclades islands to the mountain climbs in Epirus or Mount Olympos. We work with experienced trekking companies in many areas of Greece that can meet your interests and skills, on foot, by rib, canoe, kayak, bicycle or by 4x4 we will get you there.
Breathtaking scenery and beauty, unique quality of light year-round and warm hospitable people, make Greece are unprecedented worldwide photography destination. Join one of our pro photographers’ workshops and/or tours, you will certainly come back home with the best shots and with some good life-time friends.
Religious Pilgrimage
The crossroad of many religions, Greece is the ideal point to explore the history of religion. 100s of years old monasteries, churches, convents, mosques with hidden art treasures of all eras form a mystical puzzle, through which you can trace the steps of many leading figures of Christian, Jewish and Islamic religions. We offer custom tours to iconic monasteries and churches as the ones in Tinos, Patmos, Soumela, Agion Oros and other important religious landmarks (e.g. Corinth) that dot the Greek map.
For history buffs, you are in heaven! 5000 years of it and a museum in every village! If you want a personalized, non-standard, in-depth tour, our professional tour guides can fill you in all the details in most major sites in Greece.
Whether a romantic candlelight gourmet dinner for two, a picnic alone on a remote island beach or an intimate evening in the sap with champagne, we can arrange all! Try us!
Children & Family
Combine your stay with activities that will keep your little ones interested and busy, so that everybody comes back home happy!
You do not see what interests you? Do not hesitate to ask us. For all Thematic Experience Tours Ask our Main Concierge.