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As you are all aware, we are at war; a war with an invisible enemy! A veritable World War, affecting deeply everybody’s health, psychology, way we live our lives, way we work, way we communicate and much more.

The first to be adversely affected in this mayhem is our own business: tourism! We read daily about companies scaling down, airlines closing down and thinning out routes, cruise-liners permanently docked, hotels being closed or converted to hospitals and much more.

Both Greece and the European Union have imposed extremely strict measures to person circulation to block the spread of the virus: 14-day quarantine for inbound travelers from the UK or 3rd countries, cancellation of all passenger inbound flights to Greece, close monitoring of incoming EU citizens and their provenance, practical curfew in travel and circulation within Greece, limited to the absolute necessary. Even travel to the famous Greek islands will be limited to their residents alone. Topped by now scant airline and ferry schedules, you can imagine, it all spells disaster for the sector.

The COVID-19 outbreak affects all of us but mostly tries to their very existence professionals in the medical field, in support hospitals and strucutres.

At Greek Villas 4 Rent .com we feel the moral obligation to reward the heroes that are fighting day-by-day this battle for us and that is the medical staff, nurses and medical support staff around the world who take care of ourselves and our loved ones at great personal expense.