Ready to tie the knot?

Tired though of stodgy hotel ballrooms? Tired fo conventional, beaten-track wedding, claustrophobic venues?

Looking for style in one of the most significant moment of you life? Something unique or specular, a view of the Santorini caldera and sunset or a century old grand mansion with plush garden in cosmopolitan Corfu? Looking forward to kicking your shoes off and dancing until the dawn comes alfresco, with the full moon above your head, next to the sea? Maybe a midnight dunk in the pool with the best man and guests is not too far fetched for YOUR wedding?

Plan your wedding in Greece and not only do we have some amazing venues where to make it happen but also our experienced ancillary services support team to make it happen flawlessly down to every detail, with minimum burden

Villa gardens and pool areas of select properties that follow rent separately on a daily basis rate, depending on number of guests and a minimum stay of 3 days is required for most villas themselves. Many villas require you work with their services but few are free to your choice of professionals.



It is mandatory to rent the villa a certain amount of time, depending on the season, from 3-7 days, to also have the reception/event you envision

Villas are rented first as accommodation and thens as an event venue, with a per head charge for the days of setup, reception and take down. So there are two separate fees associated, one for for the accommodation of the wedding party with a 3-7 day minimum and one for the use for the venue, depending on your number of guests. Hence a villa wedding is not a budget solution to have your event, in most case, it is for those seeking a private, once-in-a-lifetime, bespoke experience.

Most villas will accept only their own services and you have to work with them. We collaborate for our villa weddings with a series of reliable professionals for support services like catering, flowers, photography, entertainment, etc. Many villas will not accept also weddings in peak season, July and August, pls ask our Customer Service if the one (s) you chose does

Villas follow seasonal pricing so in July and August they are offered at their highest pricing. If you are budget restricted, you may consider having your event in May, June September or October, in most cases the weather is good. September is a favorite, so book early!

Also please note, that all villas, except for the wedding night, are rented to the number of tenants that is contractually allowed to use them. External visitors may be allowed to come in other days in and enjoy the premises (pools, garden, lounge) but there is an entrance fee like at any high end hotel. A damage deposit will apply to all villa rentals covering any potential damage. The deposit is returned 14 days after the event and thorough venue inspection.

Be aware that an important issue with open-air, late-night villa weddings is noise levels, eg in Santorini. If villas are located in residential areas, noise has by Law to be controlled to a minimum (= no music) after 11 pm. To address the issue, in certain islands (eg Tinos, Kea, Syros, Santorini, etc) we offer the solution  of having weddings at select beachfront venues near the villas where you will be staying. Hence you may party feet-in-the sand literally until the dawn without the noise issues. Transfer will be arranged. Also we offer event, weddings or corporate, aboard small cruising vessels in Athens and select islands.

If you live abroad, we very strongly employing either our own or an appointed wedding planner, as organising a wedding yourself from far away can be very stressful and taxing, requiring daily a lot of your time and several trips to Greece.



Different Payment Schedules and Cancellation Policies apply for the villa rental, the venue fee and catering pre-booking. With your booking, you will be informed the exact policy in each case.

For any questions, pls Contact our Customer Support: