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Among so many properties in our portfolio, you may need to narrow down your choices. We have embedded in our new site a powerful advanced search engine to help you find your ideal vacation accommodation

Please keep in mind that the more criteria you enter, the narrower your choice. Start with what is important to planning your vacation, SLEEPS, PRICE CATEGORY, LOCATION or other and then expand your search to the « nice to haves »

Also be sensible to what is feasible: for extreme example, a 12 person Mykonos villa, with pool, on the water, in August at 0-30 EUR per person obviously does not exist! In the market!

If you still need help, you can always seek our Customer Service Help at Ask Our Experts

Basic Instructions

  • Drop down menus: simply select the criterion of your choice
  • Multiple select: check the categories of your interest (eg if budget 1000 EUR/day, check ALL Categories to 1000)

*** Do not forget to press SEARCH at the end to view results